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Career after graduate

 The fields of graduates of Business process reengineering

  With the rapidly changes of kinds and structure of jobs from industrial society to information-oriented society, business process reengineering is the promising major fields catching popularity among students because this makes students have knowledges of management and sklls of information.

  By learning the core skills of information-oriented society and the appling ability about it, the students major in business process reengineering have the ability to grow as the best competent expert in the field of information technology. Students learning sufficiently the information technology have a way opened to venture company that will lead all the world with own creative ideas, as well as they are the expert mostly needed in the organization of the rapidly changeable information-oriented society of modern. Recently, it is supporting the mentioned above that many of successful venture companies is being established in the field using information technology.

  Today, The social demands about human resourses of information technology is skyscraping at home and abroad. This is emerging in the fact that the first graduates of business process reengineering made the greatly high employment rates in spite of the IMF cold wave.

The possible fields for graduates major in business process reengineering like this chart.

The filed of employment

Business territory


Information Technology

Special Business

Developing software, consulting information system, the department managing information system

Tech worker,

Special administrative position

Electronic Commerce Special Business

Electronic commerce system(shoping mall), development and operation department

Tech worker

Multimedia, Digital content production business

Project and production such as game, the title of CD, animation, album, advertisement of internet

Tech worker

Production, Finance, and etc General business

The department or computer room using frequently the computer like accounting, bookkeeping, and financial management

General technical, management