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 Feature and Objective of Management Information Systems

 Management Information Systems aims to foster specialist in MIS(Management Information Systems) through educating expertise that is to build operate information system of computer. To achieve this goal, we set up objective of education as follow.

 First, basic and application education of Business Administrate, Computer Science, Information System.
Secondly, the creative education about the development and application of information system through the latest information.
Last, education that focuses on skills and abilities for MIS specialist in the field.

 To achieve these three goals in the department, we focus on curriculum and new education program for coping with rapidly changing technology and demand in the field.
Management Information Systems includes educating official subjects in the regular curriculum to need for fostering certified experts(MCP, MCSE, MCT) through AAPT-contract with Microsoft.

 Also, we reinforce drastically to educate technique that is related with producing multimedia contents for preparing rapid growth in the industry of multimedia contents recently.

 Curriculum Introduction
 MIS is the field that studies how computer and communication technology applying computer utilize efficiently, effectively for business of corporation. Information system based of computer becomes the important part in providing and operating of product and service, managing organization. Information technology/information system strategy is also the important part in organization strategy, they are necessary for understanding the problem in organization, analysis and decision-making.

 As a study field of MIS is used for data processing by American corporations, several years after using computer at first, in the 1960s. As being used for operating processing of information technology, decision making, strategy of secure competitiveness by social organization, MIS become wide in the range and depth.

 MIS is termed Management Information Systems, Business Information Systems, Computer Information Systems, Information Management, and so on in America. MIS includes two area in field of study as follows.

 First, it is the area for acquirement, arrangement and management of information technology resources and service in aspect of function. Secondly, it is the area for development and operation of substructure as well system to use in organization process in aspect of system development.
MIS and Computer Science are closely connected. Students can take common subjects of two sides, according to Collage. However the context of  MIS is based of business administrate, It is included as system science that study information system of organization. So there are critical difference with computer science in type of problem that should be solved, type of system that is designed and managed, area of work performance and way to use technology. MIS focuses on applying information technology to achieve mission and goal of organization. These two area share some parts of technological knowledge.

 System of Curriculum

 MIS consists of five areas of curriculum as follow. Under the picture, the part shown in dotted line is liberal, affiliated foundation or what should be educated in other departments. The arrow dedicates general order of education. It can be divided into 11 specific area that is the base of each curriculum dedicated under the picture. First step of them which is ‘Knowledge-Based Software’ classifies that it should be learned antecedent to other corse.

 (1) Knowledge-Based Software Tool
 As software tools needed by knowledge laborer, we learn how to use Word Processing, e-Mail, Internet, Spread Sheet, Database, Presentation Graphics, Approach to External Database, Statistical Software.

 (2) Base of Information System
 This corse introduce concept of system and system development, information technology and application software. we learn how to use information in organization also how to improve information quality, timeliness and competitive of technology in this corse.

 (3) Individual Productivity Improvement Using Information Technology.
 This corse improves technology as knowledge laborer for using effectively package software for business management between individual and group. We focus on utilizing characters and functions of software to raise productivity. In order to solve problem we put emphasis on designing and developing to system on a small scale.

 (4) Information System Theory and Practice
 We learn how information is used for aiding decision-making in organization in this corse. This corse includes theory of quality, decision-making and information as well practice to provide information needed for organization. We also provide  concept of information system for prominent competitive, data for resource,  planning and implementation of information system and technology, Total Quality Management and redesign, system development, project management as well basic concept related with end user computing.

 (5) Hardware and Software for Information technology
 As providing background knowledge of hardware/software for system development agents, they can understand strengths and weaknesses among computer architectures. We make the agents select Computer Architecture that is used for corporation environments effectively. Examples of these System Architectures are Single User System, Centralized Data System, Network System, Single User OS and so on.

 (6) Programing, Data, File and Object Structure
 In this course, we learns understanding for Algorithm, Programing ,Design and Application in file data structure. The contents include physical and logical understanding for programs and data in this course.

 (7) Network and Information Communication.
 This course provide profound knowledge for telecommunication and network requirement, and which is includes network, telecommunication technology, hardware and software. We focus on analysis and design of network application for organization. It is also includes network management·security for telecommunication, expense-profit analysis and evaluation of alternatives for compatibility  as well.

 (8) Analysis and Logical Design
 This course provide understanding for development and modification process of system. It also make students evaluate to system development methodology and choose. We are emphasis on intergration among efficient communication, development or modified system and current system that user used. It encourage human technology, and which target is customers, team members, and others related with maintance, development, operating of system. It is include that dobject-oriented analysis and design, tools for data modeling, developing for life cycle criterion, concidence with this criterion.

 (9) Physical Design and Development by using DBMS
 We deal with development and realization of information system in surround of database management system in this course. Students design and construct physical system found logical design by using knowledge of development process  that learns in previous courses and by using database software.

 (10) Designation and Realization in Programing Environment
 This course deals with physical design of system,programing, test and realization of system. It is included that realization of design of client-server that is obejective oriented by using programing envirment.

 (11) Project Management and Practive
 We deals with necessary factors for successful management of project that develops system and improves existing system in this course. We discuss about technical and behavior scientific side of project management. It is emphasis on management for system development of enterprise level.

 It consist of Computer related subjects and Business Administrate related subjects to achive 2 goals that is above-mentioned, information system function and system development in department of Management Information System, College of Business, Gyeongsang National University. Among them, Business Admistration related subject are operated by establishing in the depart of Business Admistration or the department of Accounting, and computer related subects are operated by establishing in the department of Management Information System.